Accounting Therapy

“Feeling stressed over just the idea of Accounting / Bookkeeping? I can walk you through the process easily and give you the peace of mind that your work is in good hands.”

Are you LOST, PERPLEXED, CONFUSED, PUZZLED, UNCLEAR, OFF COURSE with your accounting? We can help smooth out these rough spots.

I am an experienced Bookkeeper/ Accounting / Office Manager who will take into consideration your business needs and future vision to help organize your accounting and make you more self-reliant by providing my services Monthy, Semi Monthly or Quarterly accounting to your business needs.

We offer a complete range of accounting services including: client invoicing, assistance with bill payments, transaction posting (checking and/or charge cards), and bank reconciliation, including your financial statements, preparation, computer software setup and training.

In the current business environment, which is constantly changing and challenging, it is important that your business reaches its true potential. For this reason you have to be forward thinking. We will assist with your planning and budgeting for your future.

Once I have finished your accounting, you will be relaxed and confident until my next visit.

Our flexible scheduling, based on your availability, helps maximize the potential of our accounting services.

Financial Organization

Financial Organization

I will take your stack of reports, and receipts, work my way though your material with ease and clarity to come up with a well-organized, clear financial report.

Biz by Georgie will take you from stressing about your finances to putting your focus on your business. We provide independent financial guidance to individuals, families and small businesses. 

Leave the daunting task of tracking your expenses and keeping tabs on your spending and earnings even if you have handled your own finances for years. It is difficult to find the time or the patience to organize your finances.

Biz by Georgie’s organized approach to financial organization offers you the freedom and security you need for creating a financial plan. Clients can be involved with the process of accounting at their convenience and availability. They will have complete access to their own files.

What will we do:

  • Reduce the stress of planning
  • Create a workable filing system
  • Schedule and categorize bank transaction
  • Keep tabs on bill payments and expenses
  • Coordinate with your CPA, Wealth Manager and financial adviser as needed.
  • Help reduce chaos in financial planning

Bookkeeping Plus

Bookkeeping Plus

My services can be as simple as balancing bank statements and charge card, and invoices, to assisting you with reading and understanding your income statement, budgets, etc.

Biz by Georgie provides a full-range of bookkeeping services from the day to day work. As described in Accounting Therapy. To include:

– Bank statement reconciliation and review, receivable and payable tracking and analysis.
– Working with your CPA or tax preparer to get your Fixed Assets (Equipment, Vehicles), Current and Long Term payables set up and managed, Sales tax management.
– Assist with banking needs, loan application and retention.
– Assist with your Payroll processing company in the posting and yearly review of your totals.
– Help with the preparation and management of 1099 Misc for your independent contractors
– Providing the needed financials for tax preparation. Working with your preparer before preparation and after making any needed changes

My corporate experience included the bookkeeping, accounting, office management and project managment. These services are being provided to all my clients providing a wholesome financial management support.