Taking care of your Business

Welcome to Biz by Georgie, a big help for small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and Georgie has the needs of small businesses in mind. Biz by Georgie supports small businesses, entrepreneurs and big businesses alike. Georgie Cline has more than 35 years of experience in the world of accounting and tax management.

  • Services are generally preformed monthly
  • Creating a good working relationship and I Partnering with you while handling your business needs.
  • Clients of mine trust be with the most important part of their business and that Is their finances.
  • They will need to be prepared to change how their business Operates by allowing my assistance.
  • Your business and recordkeeping rest in my capable hands.

Consulting Services

Aside from the traditional accounting engagements like business taxes, we also offer consulting services keeping in mind the development of your business.


Our bookkeeping services include – monthly bank reconciliations, setting up Quickbooks and monitoring it, invoicing, monthly income statements, and run payroll checks.

Business Management

Our business management techniques will help businesses of all sizes help monitor their functioning and improve upon it to become huge successes in their fields and areas.

Tax Services

We can implement tailor-made due-date tax compliance monitoring systems to prevent costly interest and penalty assessments attributed to late filing.

What clients say


When I hired Georgie two years ago, my bookkeeping was in a dire state. I felt like I needed therapy perhaps more than bookkeeping help, so we began playfully calling our meetings accounting therapy. Over time, she took me from a state of panic to a state of financial organization. As my professional bookkeeper, Georgie is reliable. Prompt, friendly, honest and professional. I highly recommend her, without reservation, to anyone who needs bookkeeping or accounting assistance.


Georgie Cline has been a reliable, trustworthy, confidential, and extremely capable person to handle our bookkeeping over the past 5 years. She has so much experience, that there is little that she doesn’t know how to do. If there happens to be something she has not met up with before, she is always willing to find the answer in short order. Her upbeat disposition makes her a joy to be around. I heartily recommend her services.


In early 2012, our company was searching for a new bookkeeper. Georgie Cline, of Biz by Georgie, was recommended to us by Increase CDC. Our financial records were in a bit of mess due to previous bookkeeper’s incompetence, and MS. Cline stepped in to straighten out the records for 2012. At the end of 2012, our financial records were submitted and approve by our CPA for our taxes. She also made recommendations that would help us save money of 2013.


I met Georgie through my CPA. She was helping him out during his busy time of the year. MY CPA recommended Georgie to me because I was not very good with organizing and logging, expenses, etc. Plus, she saw my disorganization firsthand because she was helping my CPA with tax returns.I decided to give Georgie a try and it has paid great dividends to me and my business. She comes in once a month and logs all my transaction, payroll, expenses etc. It has truly made a difference in my recordkeeping. She questions anything that is not self-explanatory and gets it right. The end of the year I hand my CPA profit and loss statement. I highly recommend Georgie, she is smart, dependable, knowledgeable and very east to talk to. She comes when she says she will be there and is such a nice person. I’m so glad I gave Biz by Georgie a chance to help my business. Our relationship is now approaching 3 years and counting.