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About BizbyGeorgie

Late 2009 I found myself in transitions for the first time. Trying to find my through the maze of unemployment. I found the following organizations that help me redefine myself. Though these organization I attended workshops classes and somewhere along the line Biz by Georgie started to emerge and started a business plan.




  • Forty Plus (Career Transition Institute)
  • TecColumbus
  • Increase CDI
  • DEC
  • ECDI
  • Small Business Development Corp.

Plus with the assistance of MJ Clark and group executive coaching session.

By 35+ years of accounting includes the following:

  • Working with individual Branch Mangers, Independent Insurance agents, Architects, Land Planners and Landscape Architects. Helping them understand Accounting and Record Keeping.
  • While working with a Title Insurance Underwriter I worked with all level of management.
  • At all times meeting several Department of Insurance statutory requirements via regular
  • Filings and audits. I also developed the data base that help use keep track of all policy,
  • Endorsements and income.
  • While at a Architecture  firm I was the office manger managing accounting and
  • Human resource . Helping with Project Management, developing systems
  • To ad in management and tracking of all projects.
  • All these skill aid me daily working with Small Business Owners in their business.

My Clients Include

1. Auto Industries – Sales, Service and Towing

2. Franchises Owners

3. Legal Professional

4. Church

5. Realtors / Rental Property

6. Retail Stores

7. Insurance Agents

8. Non Profits

9. Doctors / Dentist

10. Contractors – Remodeling, Landscapers, Concrete/Blacktop

11. Multi-Level marketing