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Tax Services

Biz by Georgie has the knowledge of income tax preparation and is the best tax consultant in the Columbus area, for independent and small business owners. Her accounting experience has taught her to assimilate tax consultation experience and she offers her experienced and expert tax services to help clients in preparing their annual income tax and plan for rebates and refunds.

In the step-by-step process, Georgie helps clients:



1. Prepare documents:

  • Gather W2s for each job held
  • Show 1099s reported to IRS
  • Show 1098s as part of payments made to school or property tax
  • Income / interest statements
  • Bank account numbers
  • Previous year’s tax return (if available)

2.Collect essential information like Name, taxpayer number, date of birth and details of all family members

3. Gather Additional Information:

  • Childcare expenses
  • College loans / expenses
  • Donations
  • Rent paid
  • Mortgage information
  • IRA
  • ITIN

4. File taxes or gather documents to hand over to tax consultant or CPA.

5. Keep tabulated and organized versions of all forms and tax statements to make the process easier for the next time.

By making tax planning a part of your overall business strategy, you can make the tax filing process easier and avoid the risk of future liabilities. Transform your tax habits to healthy ones, by taking Georgie’s help as she helps reduce the stress of tax handling and management and makes for a plan that will make tax filing easier in the coming years.