Financial Organizer

"I can take your stack of reports, receipts, working my way though your material with ease and clarity to come up with a Well organized, clear financial report ready for your CPA and Tax  Preparation".

Sometimes we need a little help making sense of our finances. Biz by Georgie will take you from distressing about your finances to putting your focus on your business. We provide independent financial guidance to individuals, families and small businesses. We will help you take your goals and dreams to fruition.

Leave the daunting task of tracking your expenses and keeping a tab on your spending and earnings. Even if you handle your own finances for years, it is difficult to find the time or the patience to organize your finances as a small or independent business.

Biz by Georgie’s organized approach to finance organizing offers the freedom and security you need for creating a fool-proof finance plan. We will help you:

  • Simplify your accounting processes
  • Organize your financial records like paper bills, invoices, expenditure, bank statements, gathering financial asset information, 401 (k) statement, pension statement, loans and mortgage accounting and tax refund statements
  • Make informed financial decisions – like investing money, expenses, getting insurance, pension plans and tax rebate information
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce the stress of planning

Clients can be involved with the process according to their convenience and availability. They will have complete access to their own files. Biz by Georgie will hold an initial discussion to gather the scope and need of the project and later follow up at regular intervals with information and document gathering and review.

What Georgie will do:

  • Create a workable filing system
  • Schedule and categorize bank transactions
  • Keep tabs on bill payment
  • Track expenses
  • Personalize spending reports
  • Implement budgeting strategies
  • Help improve credit score
  • Coordinate with your CPA, Wealth Manager and financial adviser as needed
  • Eliminate the need for paper bills and create an online docket
  • Reduce chaos in financial planning