Consulting Services

Bring order to your business with Biz by Georgie’s expert accounting and financial consulting services. Details are often overlooked, but it is details that cause businesses to flourish. Georgie Kline is a certified public accountant and consultant who will bring order to your business by giving your financial information the attention it needs.

Nobody knows your business better than you, that’s why the consulting services are relationship-oriented and Georgie has several return clients. Georgie will have several one-on-one consulting sessions that will help pinpoint opportunities for increased efficiency and profitability, help manage the business’ shortcomings and identify tax-savings strategies to keep the business moving forward.

Biz by Georgie’s Consultant Services include:

  1. Business Process Improvement

  • Bridge the gap between current processes and technology vs. future goals
  • Create a mindset of continual improvement
  • Structure the accounting process
  • Data Collection, Expense Management, Field to office information transfer, benchmark analysis & monitoring, Software analysis

2. Internal Audit

  • Provides independent assessment
  • Enables appropriate staffing and internal audit activities

3. Payroll Organization

  • Payroll, certified payroll, tax filings, 401 K Administration, and worker’s compensation analysis
  • Educate clients to track and account for expenditures
  • Printing checks

4. Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Design processes like reconciliations, dashboards, KPIs to support planning, budgeting & reporting
  • Execute planning, budgeting, forecasting, data mining, analytics and IFRS / GAAP reporting

5. Profitability Improvement

  • Identify organizational issues and open communication among management and team
  • Include profit as part of the culture of the organization

6.Business Valuation

  • Determine the economic value of the business
  • Helps during business merger, conflict settlement and estate planning

7.Office Management

  • Systematize document management
  • Customizable file organization
  • Paperless office organization and accounting office operations