Accounting Therapy

"Feeling stressed over just the ideal of Accounting / Bookkeeping? I can walk you through the process easily and give you the Peace of mind that your work is in good hands".

Georgie Cline is an experienced and certified accountant who will take into consideration your business’ needs and future vision to help organize your accounts and make you more self-reliant.

We offer a complete range of accounting services including financial statement preparation, computer software setup and training and payroll management.

Our Financial Statements preparation is done using GAAP( Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) procedures or other comprehensive basis of accounting, like Cash or Accural Basis. We also prepare custom analysis that help business owners and managers eliminate inefficiencies and realize a business’s full profit potential.

We help in auditing services too. An audit of a business’s financial statements results in the issuance of a report that provides the highest level of assurance that the financial statements are presented fairly in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

In the current business environment which has constantly changing opportunities and challenges, it is important for your business to reach its true potential. For this reason, you have to be forward thinking. We will provide accurate budgeting and projections to compare actual results with expected results and adjust the firm’s actions accordingly.

Our flexible scheduling based on your availability helps maximize the potential of our accounting services.